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  • Product Details: 

    Aerobic Fixed Biofilm WastewaterTreatment
    Waste water entering the system is rapidly treated by a biofilm matrix, retaining key microbial populations

    System Performance
    The drop-in solution is designed to improve overall septic system performance with targets set for reductions in Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphate based contamination of 70 – 90%

    Guarantee: All parts are guaranteed for 1 year.

    Installation Time: 30 mins to 1 hr.

    Box Size: 36"(w) x 18"(l) x18"(h)

    Power Source: 120V


    Installation instructions: Available here


    ClearPod System

    • The ClearPod™ System is a drop-in unit designed and engineered for enhanced septic system treatment of existing or aging septic systems.


      The Clear-Pod helps to improve water quality and leaching field performance by improving the natural breakdown process of wastewater. It is the most economical and viable solution for the improvement of under-performing leaching fields and poor effluent quality.


      The ClearPod Drop-in Unit is a cost-effective solution designed to:

      • Significantly improve septic system performance
      • Reduce treatment-related odours and improve effluent quality
      • Aid in the remediation of challenged wastewater treatment systems
      • Dramatically reduce contamination of surface and ground water caused by underperforming systems
      • Be an economical system performance upgrade to extend the system's lifespan


      Product Video:
      Click here for the product video on YouTube.

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