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  • Designed For:

    • Septic and Drain Field Remedial Treatment
    • Digests Organic Waste & Eliminates Odours
    • Prevents Backups & Clogged Drains

    Product Use & Benefits:

    • All Natural Purifying Bacteria & Enzymes
    • Eliminates overall sludge and odour
    • Provides optimized degradation of organic waste or odour
    • Reduces population of hydrogen sulfide forming bacteria and odour
    • Safe for animals, humans and plants
    • Verified and tested for environmental safety
    • All natural
    • Biodegradable
    • Safe for all pipes

    BioAXN (6oz)

    • Bio-AXN is a super concentrated formula engineered to break down organic matter, bio-mat buildup and sludge solids found in the leaching fields of septic systems and wastewater treatment systems. It also eliminates odours and improves overall effluent flow in the leaching field.


      Bio-AXN is a proprietary blend of multiple microbial families of highly specialized non-pathogenic microbes, selected for their ability to rapidly digest organic nutrients. Organisms include both aerobic and anaerobic varieties so that digestion can be assured under a variety of conditions and temperatures.

      Active Ingredients:
      Starch digesting amylases, protein digesting protease, cellulose digesting cellulase, fat digesting lipase


      Add 6oz for each 1500 Gallon and mix with 1 Gallon of lukewarm water. Pour directly into tank or distribution system to soil.

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